At Aeysis, we divide our service offerings into three major areas representing the majority of requirements of any business critical application: architectural, performance and stability analysis. Most professional services companies divide their services by functional area (such as database, infrastructure, operating system, application, etc.). While this mirrors how many IT organizations are structured we have found that to successfully address performance, stability or other cross-cutting modalities; the approach of using multi-disciplined experts is far superior. This method results in a decreased cost to the customer and a shorter duration engagement. You do not end up with a large consulting team that spends weeks or months gathering information, assimilating it and agreeing on recommendations. Often times the lead resource in the functional approach is selected based on their expertise in the area most likely to be the source of the problem or the most senior consultant available.

Each of our consultants have a breadth of industry experience in most (if not all) of these functional areas and are able to address the issue regardless of the source. We can also effectively communicate with each of the customer's teams without need to bring in a technical specialist to act as a translator - when the DBA's and network teams interact for example.

In each of our service offerings we take a systemic approach of examining every layer and utilizing the methodologies and processes that we have developed over the years. We believe our approach is unique in the consulting industry in that a single individual can assume multiple roles as the engagement dictates. This allows us to perform these services far faster than the industry average. This lowers the clients costs, speeds the clients time to delivery and acts as less of a drain on the client's personnel.

Enterprise Wide Services

Architectural Analysis
Appropriate system/application architecture is the foundation of any successful solution. It is imperative that the design is well thought out and based on tested and proven methodologies. A correctly designed application coupled with the appropriate infrastructure is easier to implement and reduces your operational costs and requirements. This helps to avoid midstream (or worse production) design changes due to decisions based on incorrect or unproven .

A well-behaved application also requires fewer support personnel and less maintenance. To help accomplish this we will meet with your business sponsors, infrastructure, support and development teams to help identify the hardware resources and application design criteria you will need to create an optimal solution for your environment. Our team has members that are well versed in multiple disciplines - systems, storage, networks, databases, and application developers. This allows us to more quickly evaluate a solution as the interview process is driven by a single resource. Our analysis includes understanding your cost constraints, growth expectations, and performance and stability expectations. We will help design a solution to meet all of your stated requirements. We will scientifically quantify your requirements and provide supportable data to substantiate our recommendations. We will never make assumptions or use "guesstimate" data when the success of your business is on the line. We will never compromise quality.

If an application is already deployed, we can provide an analysis of how well it is meeting expectations (SLA's) by using our proven methodologies to collect and analyze data from the existing systems. With this data and our analysis, we can provide recommendations for potential architecture enhancement, minor code changes, and system tuning that would help ensure the application and infrastructure are capable of meeting any changes or growth in your business.

Performance Analysis
Performance is one of the key metrics used by businesses to decide if IT is meeting their requirements. Businesses want their applications to perform well, but they don't want to see excessive waste throughout the infrastructure. Aeysis can help in both of these areas. We understand that the only true measure of performance is the user's perception of performance. We have consultants who have spent thousands of hours developing methods, tools, and monitors to determine both actual and perceived system performance. We can quickly prototype models, test cases and benchmarks for your applications to help you determine if you are fully utilizing or over-utilizing your infrastructure. We can also help identify application throttles and provide the system tuning and application enhancements you need to help your business succeed.

Our team of experts has the ability to traverse from the application code, through the system call layer, into the kernel, down to the metal and out to the other parts of your infrastructure. This ensures that you receive a complete and accurate picture of the performance of your system. This is a non-trivial exercise and far too often is not done in the field. We find that in the performance analysis space, that most focus is either above or below the system call line (i.e. application specialist or kernel specialist). Enterprise applications are complex and involve numerous components and layers of your environment. As each can affect latency and throughput, we will always bring individuals with expertise from multiple verticals - operating system, database, network, application, storage, etc. - to ensure proper analysis. Once we have completed our analysis, we can provide you a report of our findings and recommendations. We can also assist you in making the appropriate remediation. Our approach allows these engagements to be measured in days and not weeks or months.

Stability Analysis
In addition to performance, stability is another key element in determining the success of a business. Aeysis believes that application stability, like performance, can only be measured by the perception of the end user. A user should not be concerned with the cause of a service interruption. Instead the expectation is that the application should be available without fail. Anything less is unacceptable.

Aeysis will measure every aspect of system stability including the infrastructure, the application, and the environment, because ensuring maximum uptime requires the successful coupling of all three. We have staff that can analyze the system as a whole and provide appropriate test cases to help identify areas of weakness. As each area is identified and corrected, we will maintain a regression test suite to ensure that further changes never compromise an existing stable environment. In some cases your business stability demands may require having redundant hardware at a remote location. Our consultants can also assist with disaster recovery or business continuance planning.

Stability also requires the ability to understand any failure. We can provide fault (root cause) analysis to determine why a resource was unavailable and assist in determining the best course of action to ensure that it does not occur again.