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Jarod Jenson

Jarod Jenson serves as the Chief Systems Architect for Aeysis.

Over the past 21 years, Jarod has focused on the performance, reliability and serviceability of business critical systems with an affinity for providing consulting services for systems that generate or protect revenue for large organizations.

Jarod's skills in the areas of Oracle and Solaris performance are well documented. However, performance of software systems in general has gained Jarod accolades as one of the foremost experts in performance optimization for multiple operating systems, applications written in the most popular languages, and infrastructure.

Jarod is a sought after speaker and has spoken at JavaOne three times, the Hostos Symposium twice on Oracle database performance and the High Performance Computing on Wall St. conference twice. Jarod also appeared in the February 2006 edition of ACM Queue – the performance edition - as the highlighted interview.

Jarod has spoken on stage with OEMs at product launch events that were both physically attended by hundreds as well as webcast to tens of thousands. The majority of the launch event invitations were a result of the OEMs utilizing his skills to evaluate new products prior to them even being annonced as a future product. This includes operating systems, applications as well as storage, compute, and networking hardware.

Jarod was recently invited to join the Oracle OakTable network which is comprised of a group of data scientist looking for better ways to develop and support Oracle based systems. It is a by invition only network of many of the most prominent members of the Oracle community.

To learn more about Mr. Jenson or reach one of our other consultants please contact info@aeysis.com