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The only measure of success is the success of your business.

Aeysis was founded in 2003 with a singular vision in mind – to solve strategic, critical, and complex problems for enterprise computing systems.

Our consulting practices are quite different from what one would consider traditional IT consulting services. We only employ the most senior of consultants that have both very broad and deep knowledge in many aspects associated with Application Environments – all software, operating system and hardware resources required for the correct functioning of the system. This means that the vast majority of the time, we need only apply one of our resources to solve a problem – saving time and money for the customer. We then apply techniques we have developed to allow us to very quickly solve problems that may have persisted for months and generally provide solutions within days.

The problems can be related to performance, reliability or serviceability (the ability to quickly address problems) within the Application Environment. We are extremely comfortable in dealing with situations that have reached "war room" status, and in fact, this comprises a major portion of our business. Our goal is to help you recover from any issue as quickly as possible. This means that we will not provide staff augmentation or try to send you an army of consultants to amass billing hours. We want to be your trusted advisors and will base our success on our ability to meet the goals of your business. By doing this, we believe that we will earn your trust and have an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship.

In addition, we can provide proactive services to audit a correctly functioning environment to help identify possible areas of concern that may become a problem over time with increases in volume or environmental change. We believe is far better to try to prevent a problem than cure it.

Please look over our services so you can see how we can help you today.

Enterprise Wide Services

Aeysis has a complement of services to satisfy all of your business critical IT needs. We feel that, in order to provide true value to your business, it is important to supply a breadth of services as opposed to focusing on one aspect of the IT landscape. The services we offer encompass a broad range of categories and serve to show the depth of the talent base at Aeysis. You will find that our consultants are cross-trained in a number of these areas, providing you the best value. If you have a business requirement that seems to fall outside of this scope, please feel free to contact us. We are sure we can identify a resource to assist you.


Appropriate system/application architecture is the foundation of any successful solution. It is imperative that the design is well thought out and based on tested and proven methodologies.

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Performance Analysis

Application performance can only be measured by the perception of the end user. While system statistics are useful for internal purposes, the internal user or external customer is the truest metric for how well an application is performing. We focus on using collected data to better optimize the user experience regardless of the arbitrary observations of system metrics. This has proven to be a very successful approach with dozens of Fortune 100 customers praising the results.

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Stability Analysis

In addition to performance, stability is another key element in determining the success of a business. Aeysis believes that application stability can only be measured by the perception of the end user - the same approach we use for performance analysis.

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